Sylvanas As Warchief, Finally

Sylvanas As Warchief, Finally

I know a lot of players were sitting back saying, ‘huh?’ at the reveal of Sylvanas as Warchief. I get that. Sylvanas has had a bad rap in the past few expansions. Many assumed that her storyline, especially with Garrosh, was going to be taking a nose-dive off a cliff. Luckily, Blizzard took a left-turn and placed her promptly on the throne I’ve waited to see her on for years. The Horde has faced a lot of troubles recently. Many do not think it can be rebuilt. Sylvanas, dedicated banshee, has the clout to bring the Horde storyline back to a strong- albeit risky, front. Yes, she’s impulsive. However, aren’t all the Horde?

I’ve always found Sylvanas’ ability to face adversity as honorable. Perhaps her methods haven’t always been perfect, but with the torture she has faced she was still able to help her race stand forward and create a new home. Is she a ‘good’ person, well, maybe in the way Lady Macbeth was. However, Sylvanas has more reason than most to be angry. After-all, her fate at the hands of Arthas was unspeakable. Her torture was beyond.

Sylvanas is a survivor. Despite her ‘death’ she is still a force to be reckoned with. Scary, yes. Bad-ass. Yes. At the front of the lore we finally have a female character that doesn’t bow down, whine, and go crazy at every whim (I’m looking at you, Jaina) Sylvanas is a great decision for Warchief in a desperate gaming universe. If we wanted a political statement that women in games are badass, let’s look no further than the lore. I’m not trying to shove gender bias down your throat. All I’m saying is that as a woman gamer I am thrilled to see Warchief go to a strong, beloved woman.

The gaming world – predominantly male – has seen a great shift in the past few years. Women gamers are demanding more rights, and often-times, we’re getting them. While some industries are completely ignoring our presence (FPS?) the MMORPG and RPG universe knows that women like a good story. We like to see strong characters. Yes, so do men. However, the male characters are always going to see strong-males. For us girls, it’s a little exciting to see Sylvanas on the throne. I’ve got to wonder… was this a play on the US election? If so, should we be worried that the choice-candidate was a banshee Queen?

I haven’t had much interest in the Warchief position since Thrall abandoned the post that I believe to always rightfully be his. However – this has caught my interest. For the past 6 years I have vehemently argued that Sylvanas is the right woman (or, undead) for the job. After-all, she is the reason the Blood Elves were accepted. She holds her throne against all else. Yeah, she’s centered on her undead- but, we’ve all got flaws. With the Orcs crippled and the Legion at our door-step… I can’t think of a greater lady for the job.

What do you think?

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