Cheating On The Horde

Cheating On The Horde

The last time I quit WoW, roughly a year ago, I swore it would be for good. Like I always do. Like most players always do. I never expected that when I came back I’d be opening myself up to a previously uncharted territory… the Alliance. Aside from a few level 10 toons and one long-deleted 25 Night Elf Warrior, I’d always been a Horde-girl. More specifically, my allegiances lie with the Sin’Dorei.

It’s amazing how a game can make you pick sides. Make you feel like you’re a part of something. When I see the Horde crest, I nod. It’s become a part of my history, however weird that is to say. After 6 years, I know that WoW is going to leave an impression for years to come.

I vowed not to play humans until they were updated models. Last expansion this was taken care of. So, it wasn’t a huge surprise to myself when I dipped my toes into the water. At first, it was icy. Strange, even. I find Stormwind a labyrinth. However, after a few days something magical happened. I began to rediscover the game I’d always loved, from a different perspective. What was a dusty memory became something new, something different.

It’s interesting how games can become a part of your life in so many ways. The movie of course brought me back, like many. Now, seeing the Alliance from new eyes – I began to admire Khadgar. More than that. I started playing a mage. I’ve never been one for casters. It’s a strange new world for me. This is what people that don’t play MMORPGs don’t get. The game is so expansive, so different, that in order to experience every part of it you would have to dedicated almost every working hour of the week, every week.

I’ll probably always love the Horde just a little bit more… but for now, I’m happy to see where this adventure is going to take me. Hell, who knows, I might quit again before the end of the expansion. But, for the moment, I’m excited.

What do you think?

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