CRZ has ruined RPPVP Zones For Good

CRZ has ruined RPPVP Zones For Good

Once upon a time, many expansions ago… Lightninghoof, Maelstrom, and TheVentureCo were pleasant servers to play on. Albeit, low-population, we had unique communities that focused on team-building, forming allegiances, and the occasional engagement in PVP. Though there was “ganking” a large amount of it was level-scaled and lower-levels were often left alone.

Flash-forward to today. EmeraldDream has little to offer our server. We are not fully merged and thus we cannot trade, yet we are subject to their habits. Those habits happen to be miserably camping and killing any one and every one – lowbie questing levels are their favorite hide out. Want to faction-switch to get away from the death-strikes? Good luck. Both Horde and Alliance are camping every day, every night. Constantly. Mockingly.

We were once a collection of unique servers – known for their mix of PVP with an ethical (although sometimes brutal) twist. The RP element has kept our servers interesting… but now? We’re merely ripe for the picking of EmeraldDream.

I’d petition they unlink EmeraldDream. Hell, in a perfect world, I’d have them off in the abyss. Think this is just one angry person’s rant? Mention “EmeraldDream” whilst online on any other RPPVP realm. 

This comes back to a larger problem. Cross-realm-zones have become a burden to the World of Warcraft community. Players have paid a good sum of money to continue their journey in Azeroth and it should not be a burden on their backs to show “more players” on a server. Many of us chose low-population servers for a reason. Many of us chose our server based on its unique community.

As I ponder paying good-money to get the hell off of my home-server, I wonder if this is exactly what Blizzard was hoping for. With a drop in subscriptions the $25.00 per toon may just be a new source of income. Many players are unable to dedicate the time it takes to rebuild from level 1. Thus, when faced with re-leveling vs. moving servers manually, many will choose to pay. Is this a new business model? Exploit and anger players into paying for a better game?

CRZ, or Cross-realm-zones have little to offer. The players are not fully emerged in the server. You cannot trade, form guilds, or have a true sense of player connection. There are no auction perks. Quite frankly aside from stealing mobs and murdering, CRZ has little to offer other than inherently being annoying. I am not against server merges. When servers are truly merged they are effectively combined. CRZ acts as a pesky mosquito – biting, but rarely offering anything in return.

In a game where populations are dwindling, it should be important to Blizzard to preserve the servers they do have. Their integrity and uniqueness. CRZ is backing players into a corner. Especially those that used to enjoy a peaceful and honourable RPPVP system. Now, if you want to live, you need to leave.

What do you think?

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