Insatiable Isn’t Perfect, But I Loved It

Insatiable Isn’t Perfect, But I Loved It

There, I’ll say it… I absolutely loved Insatiable. It was a weird show. The kind of show that only comes around once. It reminds me of watching Jennifer’s Body when I was a teenager. It’s the kind of weird show that sticks with you. Truth be told, I had trouble watching the first few episodes. It started a bit slow and I wasn’t sure what I thought. By episode 7 I had decided that I loved the show. I found myself excited to watch it.

I think “Insatiable” has just become fun to hate, kind of like “Girl Boss” (which by the way, I also liked). It seems like shows that are satirical and appeal to young women are often thrown into a corner. Nobody could possibly like these shows in their minds, so critics hop on the band-wagon of hate. Here’s the thing, most “critics” are either male, or 30-40+ years old. They’re not the demographic and that’s FINE. Except, if you’re not the demographic for a show, perhaps you should step back and let those who are watch it and enjoy it.

I’ve constantly been searching for something in my life that repeats the days where the CW was the king of good TV. I miss 90210 and Gossip Girl, and One Tree Hill… a lot. The closest show to Insatiable I can think of right now is Riverdale, which is a hot mess that I’ve been enjoying enough. Insatiable, though, through its use of satire, is an interesting look at being a teenager… and it’s fun!

Insatiable isn’t about fat shaming. In-fact, Insatiable is more about what it’s like to be a teenager struggling with identity, with letting others take over your personal narrative. With strong LGBTQ narratives, a plot that goes haywire, and good-plain fun, I can’t wait to watch more of Insatiable. I think a lot of the hate from Insatiable comes from a place where entertainment is never supposed to entertain anymore. TV shows are supposed to be a “feminist agenda” or simply supposed to be a springboard for whatever political topic seems to be chic that day. Every video on Youtube, every review, seems to play upon the idea that for some reason, “Insatiable” is unfunny and unoriginal. Here’s the thing — the people hating on the show haven’t watched it.

Insatiable is fun to hate. But, if some of these people would push past their biases they might understand that Insatiable is the type of show that’s supposed to be watched light-heartedly. It’s the type of show you watch while painting your nails and drinking wine coolers (if you’ve of legal age), and it’s definitely the type of show that lets absurdity be on the table, which is fun and lets the imagination linger. Also, who hasn’t had revenge fantasies after going to High School?

I’ll be here waiting for Season 2.

What do you think?

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