We fear what makes us stronger

The first novel I ever tried to edit ended up in the trash. I decided it wasn’t worth salvation. This novel is different. I’m reading it over and I know I want to publish it. I think that’s the root of why it’s taking so long for me to edit. It has nothing to do with the tedious process of examining my own work and changing commas around. 

I’m scared. I know that once I’m done this edit it’s off to others who will judge my work. The first person I have read it is going to proofread and change around grammar for me. Then, it’s off to readers who will “beta test” and fully judge my work. After that? Another self-edit. 

That’s not so scary. What’s scary is, after this, it’s off to agents. I’ll be exposing my soul to the world for rejection. Eek. 

Fear aside, it’s exciting

What do you think?

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