How Warfronts Prove Blizzard Doesn’t Care About World of Warcraft Players

How Warfronts Prove Blizzard Doesn’t Care About World of Warcraft Players

I waited to write this after the AMA on Reddit. While I didn’t expect much of an official response from Blizzard on the topic, I did expect more than Blizzard brushing off the topic completely. For those that don’t know, Warfronts are a new content type that’s arrived with Battle for Azeroth. When I first did Warfronts, I actually liked them. I’m not big on PVE but the war-style feel did pay homage to the Warcraft roots, and I was enjoying the relatively easy way to gear. I hate mythics, I really hate dungeons, and I’m not a raider. So far, Blizzard has done more for PVP this expansion, and Warfronts were an interesting way to gear (especially on fresh alts, since you initially could que without iLevel restrictions).

Then came the hotfix…

Suddenly, players that had been doing warfronts the day before, could no longer que. While my item level did reach 320+ before this happened, that doesn’t really matter for me. Horde players (which I am one of) woke up to a hotfix that changed the game over-night (well, they got it after work, still).

Changing warfronts had some very specific problems that I’ll outline below:

  • Warfronts were only accessible to Horde, therefore Alliance haven’t even unlocked them. Alliance alts will all have to gear to 320+ ilevel before they can enter. The gear is only (average) 340.
  • This obviously gives one faction an advantage while completely dismissing any (very valid) concerns of half the player-base.
  • There was no warning – this was applied during a hotfix. Players woke up to a completely different experience.

Blizzard has always received complaints of favoritism. A lot of it comes down to people arguing for the sake of it, but this recent move does no favors for Blizzard. This is an outright snubbing of one side over the other. It’s always easy to say, “just get your item level up” but, the reason this is so outrageous is that Horde, half the player base, had 3 unlimited days of gearing any alt they wanted, even fresh 120s. To not afford this opportunity to the other half of the player base – especially for those of us farming it for PVP traits, is completely unjustifiable.

My second concern is the lack of empathy from Blizzard. The response on Reddit boils down to this: “yes, this happened, oh well”. By ignoring concerns of players on the lack of fairness between Alliance and Horde, the developers are making a statement. That statement is essentially the following: “we don’t care about our players”.

By not addressing the outrage on Twitter, the forums, in-game feedback (yes, I personally ticketed), Reddit (even during this AMA) or pretty much anywhere else, Blizzard is making it clear to fans that our opinions don’t matter. The developers have abandoned us and anything we don’t like, well that’s just tough. They were the ones that messed up and gave us no entry-level in the first place, the least they could have done was allow players of each faction to benefit before they readjusted. Not doing so is not only insulting, it’s pretty damn irresponsible. The last I checked, WoW still charges a monthly fee, and yet, we’re getting more bugs than a free-to-play Facebook game.

What do you think?

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