Take us in, Joker. Fast and Quiet.

Take us in, Joker. Fast and Quiet.

When I first played Mass Effect it was out of curiosity. I never expected that it was going to play an important part in my psyche for years to come. No other game brings me back quite the same way that ass Effect does. Currently, I’m on my third playthrough of ME1 (I’ve played 2 and 3 more times than I can count). The enriched story that BioWare offers captivated me from day one. The only complaint I can truly come up with is: Mako sucks.

Mass Effect has helped me through some crazy times of depression. It’s always there when I’m ready to pick it back up. I’m excited to continue this adventure when the new game came out. However, I have tomass effect, gaming say, the memories that I have from the roleplay community are just as entrenched in my being as the game itself. Am I too emotional?

Time and time again I restart Mass Effect… and I always find something new. Something great.

I guess this is more a love letter to my latest awakening for the game (oddly, brought about by a Star Trek binge). The future is an unknown – and SciFi makes it whimsical.


What do you think?

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