Sustainable Food: Pass or Fail

I spend way too much of my time researching food, watching food documentaries, and pondering every decision I make. Like, a good chunk of my week. While googling whether Tazo teas were sustainable, I fell upon the site RankABrand. This site allows you to compare brands based on their sustainability. They have food, clothes, electronics, and other businesses. Also, if a brand doesn’t live up to expectations you can call them out on social media, or send them a letter. The site generates a letter and all you have to do is quickly fill out a form. You can edit the letter if you feel like it. It’s also available as a mobile app. There’s not a lot ranked yet – but it’s growing quickly. More use will make it even better!

I decided to search some of the brands that I commonly buy or are familiar with to see how they match up. Is it sad that I find this fun? Anyways… here’s the results.

Grade: D
All I can say is… wow, okay. Can I grow Bananas in my apartment? Please?

Grade: B
Going to feel less guilty when I splurge the $9 for tea bags By the way, they’re owned by Starbucks which also ranks relatively high on the sustainability list.

Twinings Tea
Grade: D
Kind of makes me sick to my stomach that I have some left in my cupboard.

Celestial Seasonings
Grade: D

Lay’s, Doritos, Coca-Cola
Grade: C
I don’t really buy these anymore, but here’s a good reason to never start again.

Grade: D
Somehow Pepsi manages to out-evil Coke.

Schweppes, and Lindt
Grade: E
Absolutely terrifying. Under the “do not buy under any circumstances” label.

Also, you should probably consider that companies like Pepsi and Coca-Cola own a hell of a lot more than just pop. Soups, side-dishes, and so many other subsidiary companies.


What do you think?

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