Success in One Audience/Niche Does Not Guarantee Another

Success in One Audience/Niche Does Not Guarantee Another

Once upon a time, I had a fantasy idea that my misophonia books would somehow transfer into success with my fiction novels about street racing and mafia. What I came to realize was that not even my fiction about misophonia transferred directly to an audience for my other fiction books. I’m not begrudging my misophonia followers and readers for not being interested in mafias and fast cars. In-fact, I’m shaking my head that I was so clueless for even considering that these audiences would over-lap. Of course, there are likely some misophonia sufferers like myself who enjoy both fast-paced fiction and reading about misophonia, but assuming it’s a majority is unrealistic.

Funny enough, I already knew that my design business was going to be completely separate from my misophonia work, despite being a designer and marketer. And yet, somehow, my brain thought that people who read are people who read. That’s completely unrealistic, and even more-so, the people who read non-fiction are not necessarily the people who read fiction – even for the same topic!

This led me to realize that I’m going to have to build a following around my fiction books separately. I’m okay with that, even though I know it’s going to be challenging. I wonder if I should start hanging out at race tracks and handing out copies of Acceleration?

The point here is that brand and audiences are not translatory. Even people who are famous musicians might not have an easy time switching to an acting career. Interests are varied and finding people who share all of our interests is unlikely.

What do you think?

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