Residence: It’s Not for Everyone

Residence: It’s Not for Everyone

I don’t know what possessed me to live in an all girls dorm. I think it was the only place that I could get a single room. I met some good friends in residence, amazing friends, actually. I’ll always be thankful for the relationships that I forged. That doesn’t mean I’m going to miss residence. I’m going to try my best not to make this post into one big rant. It wasn’t all bad. I just think there are some real concerns that people miss when they decide to move away from home and into a shoe-box of a room.

I know they mean well. It’s their job to keep the house in order. What it really turns into is a bunch of people your own age telling you what to do. TV “loud” after ten P.M? Some girl is going to knock on your door and tell you to turn it down in a snooty voice. Then, she’ll let her friends scream in the lounge until 3 a.m.

Rude People
Slamming doors 24/7, hogging the washers, stealing food, screaming in the halls. Young Adult? More like Small children. This year I’ve had my hands full with wanting to punch people. If you complain about it? You’re unreasonable.

The room is small, the bathroom is far away, and the cafeteria food sucks. If you want food – you have to walk next door. I think if I had to live in residence for another year I would go absolutely insane. Sure, some people can last one, two, or even four years. Me? I tapped out at around Christmas.

The cost: You end up paying around $9,000 total to live in a closet. Did I mention we were promised long-distance calling and never got it? Also, don’t get me started on sharing Wifi with a bunch of people.


What do you think?

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