Note to Self: Misophonia Sucks (A Self-Interview)

Note to Self: Misophonia Sucks (A Self-Interview)

This is a self-interview on Misophonia. I wanted to really share my experiences with the world. So, if you have any other questions – feel free to ask.

At what age did you start to have triggers for Misophonia?
Mild triggers at 16 and intense triggers at 19

What are your top 5 triggers?
Whistling, foot shaking, stomping, snoring, and pen clicking

What is worse, visual triggers or audial triggers?
Visual kill me and the audial can get pretty bad. I find it much harder to get away from the visual triggers.

When did you learn that there was a name for your condition and other sufferers?
A year ago, maybe?

How did it feel to learn that there were other people like you?
It felt like a blessing, but also very limited. It was hard to know there was no cure

How do you cope with this disorder?
I don’t. I hide away from it

Are your family and friends supportive?

After a lot of coaxing, yes

Are you afraid to confront a person when they are triggering you?
It depends on the person. If they’re close to me, no, if they’re a stranger, yes

If a person does not respect your condition, how do you react?
I get very angry. I might cry. I’ll leave the room

Do you have other disorders that worsen your Misophonia?
Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and ADHD

Do you think the name suits the disorder? Why? Why not?
No. A lot of people are struggling with both audial/visual and it’s not so much a hatred as a severe intolerance. We need a name that helps non-sufferers understand

What do you think?

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