“Little” Red

“Little” Red

Once upon a time in a forest no one should ever venture to lived a girl, a wolf, and a grandmother and huntsman who had seen better days. 

The girl’s name was Red, though her grandmother had called her “little red” since she was a child. 

This upset the young woman, but she pretended to let it go. For each Saturday her mother had forced her to spend the day with the elderly woman. It was annoying, and taxing, but Red put up with it because along the deserted path through the haunted forest lived the wolf. 

The wolf, unlike the grandmother was not shy to the fact that the girl had grown into a woman many moons ago, and he knew that the deepest desires resided deep within the girl’s heart.

The girl befriended the wolf, as she knew what many could not fathom. This wolf was not merely a wolf, for he was part man.  Upon each full moon he turned into the fearsome beast, which ravaged villages, and left lore that would be heard for centuries in his name.

The girl, one might say, was innocent or oblivious. They might have believed that she was enchanted by the being and that he had brought her to sin. Those who believe such a tale, were sadly mistaken.

See, on this very morning, the girl went off path to meet the wolf, who had become her lover. He pushed her against a tree as they met and their kiss sent electricity through her body. Today, he was the man, but the wolf was only just below the surface as his eyes turned colours at their touch. 

“Your eyes, they’re so big, my love,” her voice teased as she ran her fingers across his temple and curled her face into a smile which danced between menacing and charming.

“All the better to admire you with, my dear.”

The girl brought her fingers down to his jawline, and caressed his flesh, before bringing her finger to his large canine. “Your teeth, they’re so large”

He hisses into her ear “All the better to taste you with, my dear.”  He then moves his mouth to her neck, gently at first and then biting into her flesh. Though the girl is not scared, for she is now letting out a deep sigh of pleasure.

Pulling away Red smirks at her wolf. “I must be off to my grandmother’s now, you know you mustn’t accompany me.” Her concern is not genuine, as the wolf takes her hand with his as they begin upon the path. 

“You’re forgetting something,” he picks up her cloak, which fell upon the ground and wraps it around her shoulders. The cloak is bright red, and was made for her by the old lady who they are about to visit.

Arriving at her grandmother’s the wolf finds the old woman outside of the shed, she is gardening like old women do. 

The wolf takes the woman to the ground, and cleanly takes a stab at her throat, leaving her helpless. 

“That’ll teach her for trying to protect you from wolves.” 

“Not my grandmother!” Red feigns disgust at the Wolf. 

The woodsman, who Red had never seen before darts out from behind a tree. “I will protect you my dear little girl.” 

Red’s eyes dart in his direction, as do the wolf’s.
“What was that?”

“I will protect you?” The woodsman seems confused.

“I am not little,” Red says as she takes a dagger from her waist and drives it deep into the woodsman’s heart.


She watches, smiling as his face turns from confusion to a wild fear, and then to a stillness. Still though, Red takes the time to cut the heart from his chest, and throw it to the wolf.

“My dearest, I have gotten you a feast.” 

Red wipes the blood upon the wolf’s lips and allows him to kiss her, licking the sweet nectar that bonds them. 

“Such a feast is fit for two”, he says before he pushes Red against the wall to the small wooded cabin. 

“Dinner and romance will win my heart.”

They lived happily ever after, at least Red and the wolf did.

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