Girl, Gamer. Whatever.

Girl, Gamer. Whatever.

Brown hair and glasses? Check. Geeky interest in weird TV shows? Check. Other than that I’m not your “typical girl gamer”. Whatever that is. I’ve watched all of The Guild, and I know just about every character from Harry Potter. That doesn’t mean that all I am is a gamer girl. I know you picture gamer girls to spend all of their time in their bedrooms, or maybe a basement. Maybe, you even expect them to be getting a degree in something boring (okay, I am pursuing English, slightly boring… whatever). The point is, I also love clothes, and I love shoes. I’m as much of a girly-girl as anybody who flips through Vogue on a daily basis. Actually, as a teenager I owned quite a few copies and had them spread across my walls. Not that that’s what it means to be a girl either. We’re unique species, you see.

That aside, I love games. I think they’re awesome. That doesn’t mean that I have no life or that I’m trying to “escape the confines of reality”. Perhaps, I love stories, I love the enrichment they can have and I find interest in exploring different options. I mean, I am a writer.


Anyways, here’s a poem I wrote quite a few years ago on the subject:


You’re a girl in a man’s world

hit on all day –

you’re taking bullets for your party,

but still they complain

“Are you really a girl?”

They commonly say,

You laugh to yourself

as you look at your breasts.

“Last time I checked,”

you know, I guess.

You scream at your TV

the same as the boys,

but they’re chuckling

and saying

“calm down, it’s no big deal.”

When you’re good,

they whine

When you’re bad

they insult you

cause’ girls “shouldn’t play”

Both revered for femininity

and forever scorned.

They can’t understand

you just love the game

All things considered,

you’d never quit.

Even though so few games

let you be yourself.

I guess the companies aren’t

so keen

on girl’s taking over

I think it’s time the boy’s shoved off

cause I’m a gamer girl,

and I’m here to stay.

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