Full of Sound and Fury: Suffering With Misophonia and Auditory Over-Responsivity

Full of Sound and Fury: Suffering With Misophonia and Auditory Over-Responsivity

When I started writing Full of Sound and Fury: Suffering With Misophonia and Auditory Over-Responsivity, it was a journey for myself. I do not say this lightly. When I say it was for me, I also mean those people like me. The people that were searching for answers in a world that seemed void of them. Luckily, now that we’re two years from the original writing date – I can say with confidence that science and research are on their way to some amazing things. I’m proud and beyond amazed at the work of Dr. Jennifer Jo-Brout, who has worked tirelessly for two decades to help people like me, her daughter, and even herself. This inspiring woman has helped me to understand that the world, quite literally, is what you make it. I’ll never find the words that live up to how much of an influence she has been on my life. It is important to note that Jennifer encouraged this book from the start. Before she knew me well, she understood my urge to find answers. It is because of her that I am confident in finding these answers. I owe her a lot.

Though this book features interviews with other sufferers, it was never an answer itself. This book is about my exploration of answers. My exploration of how I can cope with a disorder that to many seems unreal. As a first attempt at my manifestation of advocacy, I cannot go forward without saying that the answers are always going to change. The question, though, will remain the same. How do we live our lives when faced with a disorder that seems hell-bent on twisting the good in life? I don’t have all the answers. Perhaps no one will solve the entire conundrum. But, it is because of my search that I feel hope for a cure. I feel this hope because of Jennifer – and those researchers that she has connected me to. I feel this hope because I know that on the other end of the blade (misophonia) is a woman who is more courageous than any warrior. I believe Athena would even revel at the poise, elegance, and unbreakable will of Jennifer Jo-Brout.

The difficulties of misophonia are far and wide.

They have deteriorated social relationships. Have made me seem shallow and unloving. I am a shell of my prior self. I am a person that is no longer able to have normal conversations without the disorder interjected into the math. I am a person that has been through hell, and wants nothing more than to never speak its name again. It is tough to me to remain hopeful while on the subject of a disorder that has poisoned many aspects of my life. That strength comes from persistence, inner-battles, and a lot of determination. On the days I feel my worst, I know that this search for research is there. Through my pain I become more determined. We will find a cure for this disorder because we have to. There is no other way. For those that do not believe a cure will come – I want you to search inside yourself and believe it will. Strength has changed the world many times before and it will continue to.

If you want to learn what misophonia is, you can find more information here. Full of Sound and Fury is available on Amazon [US] [CA] [UK]

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