Full of Sound and Fury

Full of Sound and Fury: Suffering With Misophonia (non-fiction)


Full of Sound and Fury was written by a suffer of Misophonia, in order to help other sufferers. Including interviews with real sufferers, the book aims to put names to a disorder that is known by few. Misophonia is a neurological condition that causes a fight/flight/freeze response to certain audial and visual stimuli. Written by a sufferer, Full of Sound and Fury, is a book about Misophonia’s life impact. It can start as early as four in the morning. Your upstairs neighbor stomps his feet. All of a sudden, you go from being half-asleep and calm to a nervous wreck. You’re tired, exhausted, and you’re angry. How dare he stomp around and have no regard for your feelings or personal space? Rationality plays no part with Misophonia. Logically, you know he has no idea how loud he’s being – but the response is the same. Shaylynn Hayes writes about her experiences, as well as others’ in a way that can teach the general public about the disorder, as well as resonate with sufferers. With a foreword and research information by Dr. Jennifer Jo-Brout, Full of Sound and Fury is just the starting place when it comes to dealing with Misophonia. In partnership with her website www.misophoniainternational.com, as well as www.misophonia-research.com, Shaylynn aims to raise awareness.


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