Editing: Less demonic, more… fun?

I’m proud of myself. It’s weird to say. Anyways, after ignoring my novel for months and months I’ve finally gotten a lot of editing done. August seems to be a good writing month for me. Last year, I wrote almost my entire novel in August. This year – I’ve gotten from page 0 (of editing) to page 69. It’s not the end, but 69 out of 200 word document pages is a lot. I’m actually kind of enjoying doing this. It’s so much easier to edit after months away from your work. It’s fresh again. It’s fun. It’s like re-watching an old series you loved, but you get to change things. Sometimes your biggest pitfalls can become enjoyable if you wait long enough to see it in another light. 

Hopefully I’ll get this draft done and be able to send it off to another person for scrutiny. 


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