A Night To Remember

A Night To Remember

His hand was at her neck, strong and sturdy as he kept her eyes locked on his. That was his point; it was clear as he held her face up. She had no where’s else to look, no saviour to rescue her from the soft shades of brown honey that now held her down, drawing deep concentrated breaths from her now heavy chest. He pressed himself closer to her, but still left a casual void between his naked chest, and her small black tank top. Suddenly she wished she was wearing a sweater, he could see too much of her, he could see her exposed skin, and she wasn’t sure where she should hide.

Insecurity split through her core like a child. He was so perfect, right down to the soft and sultry glow of his unblemished skin. Each kiss that landed on her pale pinks lips drew her in closer, and made her want another taste. He made it a game to pull back, not letting her guide the kissing. He was in control, and she was becoming more and more submissive. He was leading her down the wrong path, but she didn’t care, he was taking away her own self image, and tearing it up in front of eyes.

Each spot that his fingers touched now felt beautiful as his fingers grazed upon them. It was as though the lightest touch would turn her to gold, and she liked it. Oh how she enjoyed his soft, but still strong hands finding their way through her hair, and then back to the small of her neck, progressing to her sides. He was slow, and pre-cautious. Leaving far too much time for her to linger in his eyes, and wonder heavily if he indeed wanted her, or just the pleasure that her femininity could offer.

The kisses grew faster, and his touch grew stronger, moving towards her back and trying desperately to pull at the edges of her tank top. It was the last moment that she could say no. After this there would be no way to stop him. She knew this, and she also knew that it would be too cruel to try. It would probably be cruel to stop now, so she let him. She let him take her shirt off, and she laid back as he began to kiss her chest, pressing his lips down just above her left breast. Her breath now turned into a sigh, but not one of distaste. It was only pleasure that immense from her now as he continued to move his lips across her delicate and creamy flesh.

There was no love as his kisses moved to her neck, deeply enticing her, and willing her to let him remove her pants. Hands firmly on her belt loop, he was letting her think about things, and it seemed to be a ploy. He must have known that a million thoughts would race through her mind, as he played his game, strongly readjusting her by thrusting her hips closer to his. He moved atop of her, grinning, and leaning above her. His perfect white teeth showed, and she felt lusted. It was strange and overwhelming all at once, as he watched her. He was watching her, and she was delighted. No boy had given her the attention that she was now being given. It was worse that he wasn’t hers, and that she knew he would be gone in the morning, if not even before that.

She tried to stop thinking as her pants were being run down her legs. There was no talking and no connection, only blind lust in his eyes, and she wasn’t so sure she felt comfortable, but her body wouldn’t let her speak out, she couldn’t stop this. It felt right, and wrong altogether. Her mind had been made up, and she was going to dive in, fear was on the surface, but perhaps underneath she would be rewarded. But by what, the teen pregnancy that her brother and gotten into, no she wouldn’t think like that. Her eyes closed, and she let Wyatt take control. Not letting any more thoughts interrupt her.

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