I am a passionate creative and article writer from the East Coast of Canada. I have been writing both culture and advocacy pieces since 2015, and have been published on numerous websites including Huffpost, The Mighty, Thought Catalog, and various advocacy websites. I believe I am a strong candidate as I have been continuously writing culture pieces, and I am interested in culture, marketing, and the climate of e-publishing. I believe I am further an asset as I have studied marketing, publishing, and am a professional web and graphic designer who graduated with an honours diploma before attending university. I am forward-thinking and always ready to adapt to the newer climate of e-writing. I believe that entertainment should be met with a keen eye for ever-changing markets, and that content should be both entertaining, and provide a useful service to the public.

With an interest in web design, SEO, and marketing, I bring to the table more than just my writing skills, but an understanding of the best possible way to utilize content for consumers, without ever sacrificing creativity and authenticity.


To obtain a position as a freelance content writer, and continue writing relevant and engaging content for the internet market. In the future, I hope to work directly in publishing via editorial staff, and I have a strong passion for the field of e-content



Proficient writer, strong-minded, creative, enjoys feedback and criticism from editors, genuine interest in content-marketing and e-publishing, strong understanding of SEO.



Strong English writer, proficient in the Adobe Creative Suite, professionally trained in web, graphic and print design, strong understanding of the Microsoft Office Suite, an Understanding of “track changes”, professional demeanor whilst maintaining a ‘fun and creative’ style.



Bachelor of Arts

Athabasca University
Political Science (Major) English (Minor)
Online (From Athabasca, Alberta)

In Progress (expected graduation date 2019)

Creative Digital Media

Honours Diploma

Mactech Distance Education

Sydney, Nova Scotia

Graduated 2013


High School Diploma

Richmond Academy

Louisdale, Nova Scotia

January 2012 (graduated early)



Relevant Courses

e-Marketing (3CH)
Athabasca University


Creative Writing: Skills (3CH)
Creative Writing: Publishing (3CH)
Research Methods In English (3CH)
The Messenger: Journalism and Storytelling (3CH)
The Message: Great Storytelling In Journalism (3CH)

St. Thomas University


Relevant Work Experience

Misophonia International


2015 to Present
From 2015 to 2015, I edited, produced content for, and acted as the Editor-In-Chief for a magazine focused on Misophonia, a lesser-known disorder. This position gave me great insight in dealing with the editing process, and understanding the importance of criticism, and working with a team.


Freelance Writer

Huffpost, The Mighty, Healthy Minds Canada, Different Brains, Misophonia International, Thought Catalog

2013 to Present

Worked on web copy, blogs, and submitted pieces to publications.

Freelance Web, Graphic and Print Designer

2013 to Present

Built professional websites for clients, advertising photos (for sharing on Facebook and other sites), focused on e-marketing, SEO, and strong web content.




Published Pieces:

“Why It’s Time to Stop Bashing on Taylor Swift For Going Across Genres

December 2017


Various, The Huffington Post
Highlights: “Mass Effect: Andromeda Is A Stark Reminder That Girls Game Too”, “Kesha’s Best Revenge With ‘Praying’ And ‘Woman’ Is Her Healing”, “Mental Illness Should Not Factor In Love”, “Video Games Help Me Cope With My Disorders

2015 to Present


Various, Thought Catalog
What People Need To Know About Living And Fighting With Depression, Anxiety, And Misophonia”, “Mourning The Breakup That Never Really Happened

Portfolio Link:


Various, Healthy Minds Canada

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Different Brains

“When Sounds are Torture, Living With Misophonia”


Additional Experience:

Design portfolio: