Why Can’t I Edit?

University life is busy. Even when I’m not busy I am. Friends want to hang out, classes are a thing, and some cruel professors actually give me homework. Then there’s this evil place called the gym that I should go to if I want to get “into shape” and get my brain working properly or something. Right now I should be studying for a quiz because a friend invited me home for the weekend and I didn’t have time. It was a good weekend. Monday morning? Not so great. I mean, I had to get at least 8 hours of sleep (some nights I get 12, no regrets). Then I have to read for class, and for pleasure. I mean, writers need to read, right? In all seriousness life does get a little busy – I haven’t touched my TV very much, and I forgot my xbox controller home. Even if I hadn’t – who has time for that? If I don’t have time for World of Warcraft (which I also play sometimes, by the way) how am I going to find time to edit my novel? Apparently the answer to that is – I’m not. This post is kind of a plea to myself. Dear lord, if you ever want this thing published you’re going to have to edit it. I might have to start posting notes all around my dorm room, or maybe I need to keep the next chapter open on my computer to remind me that it NEEDS to be edited. Some day I hope I’ll look back on this post and have a published book, I can sigh in relief and then start freaking out because knowing me I’ll have another unedited novel pressing on my head. Whenever people look at me like I’ve just ran a marathon or taken over a country because I’ve finished a novel I’m going to express to them that “sure, it’s written, but it makes absolutely no sense”. I’m pretty sure at one point my character goes into the bedroom of her bachelor apartment. Then they’re “friends” one minute and dating the next. I’m not even sure how that happened. Maybe both they and I were drunk (I don’t remember being drunk writing…). I might take Hemingway’s advice in reverse: write sober, edit very drunk. Just kidding – that would add even another roadblock – who has time to edit when they could be out at a club? In all seriousness this book will probably finished in 2020 the way I’m going.

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