Web Design Prices

Every website has its own unique price. Since every job is entirely different, it will be priced differently. However, here are some basic guidelines for what I can do.

I am also a writer so I am able to develop page content if desired. However, this is considered a separate job and will be added to the cost. Each page will usually have around 500 words (on a regular site) and I will do each page for $10 a page. If you are looking for multiple pages, this can be negotiated.

Costs for Services:

Logo (multiple sizes with mockups and revisions) – $35
10 pages (with or without a sidebar, full menu) – $200
Every page after 10 pages will cost $10 each.
Social media links – free. All social media packages include a banner and logo at no additional cost.

Set up a Youtube Channel – $20
Set up a Facebook Page – $20
Set up a Google + Page – $20
Google +, Youtube and Facebook package – $50

Please send queries for website design to shaylynnhayes@hotmail.com with the title “Website”.

To find out more about hosting and domains, and why they’re paid for separate, click here.