Two-Thousand Fourteen

It’s December 24th, 2014. The year, finally, wears thin.

I started 2014 like many others: drunk, caked in make-up, and ready for an improvement. I thought of the future, of school, and wondered how I could survive after being so hungover. Don’t drink for 12 hours straight. Just don’t. The year started to get crazy almost immediately. In February, a professor caused an uprising by kicking a student out of the class for being disabled – within a month, my heart had been broken. I don’t have many details to share about that. A few close friends understand. That’ll suffice. On March Break – I lost a close family friend, his wife, lost to us just 6 months before.

I suspected things would go better. Anxiety, depression, heart-ache, however, grew. Then in April my mind was taken from me. I lost a person whom I miss to this day, more and more. Go forward a few months, I lost another. A cousin, a childhood friend, and a person whom I loved most dearly. Any fights we had had were lost on my mind until the moment I realized I could never fully apologize.

I thought it was over. Then, a few days ago, my beloved dog Kara was lost to us.

I do not say this with hopes of empathy, or any regard other than a nod of understanding. I merely wish to say that in spite of it all, I will be fine. I will move on. I will love others. I will smile. There will be more troubles, but, they will be worth it.

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