Timeless Season 2 Episode 1: The War to End All Wars

I love Timeless. The stories, the cast, the characters. I pretty much love everything about this show. I was worried that it would be cancelled, as we all were, but the last minute save was well worth it – because this episode was deeply satisfying. Hopefully the ratings will hold up too and we won’t be caught in the same dilemma at the end of the sophomore season. Anyways… onto the episode.

Starting with a recap with Believer by Imagine Dragons was awesome. I love the song, I love the band, and it’s so crisp. Completely happy with this sound choice, even if it has been used for Riverdale. Whatever, it works for me.

I pretty much forgot everything that had happened last season. I was a little confused that Rufus’ girlfriend was still alive, or not in danger, but hey – glad she’s sticking around (except when she completely kiss-blocks our two heroes in what would have been an epic moment. Ugh). The bunker was awesome – and I was definitely getting some 100 vs Fallout vibes. That could be because I spent much of last weekend hunkered down in The Commonwealth, and I’m starting to get a little anxious for the next season of The 100. This made me think about how awesome it would be to have a crossover where they take the time machine to the future and discover Rittenhouse has messed up so bad that it led to The 100 landscape. Can you imagine Clarke, Lucy, Wyatt and Bellamy? That’s TV that’d be too good to watch.

Much of the first few minutes with Lucy consisted of me rattling around in my brain to figure out where I knew Lucy’s mother from before it dawned on me (I’ve been watching Arrow and catching up lately) that she was Moira Queen. Man, way to be typecast as the mother that gets in with murderous psychos. Mama is pretty evil – and pretty much ready to dispose of anybody who gets in the way, until Lucy talks her out of killing some brilliant scientists in the end, because “we’re historians!” and her and her daughter had bonded over the smell of history.

Much of this episode, despite the setting up of Moira 2.0 taking grand-pappy Rittenhouse from 1918, consisted of pressure on the point that Wyatt and Lucy are very obviously in love. Just like the Bonnie and Clyde fiasco, we don’t get very much here. Except, Rufus points out: “Just admit it, you’re in love with Lucy” and Wyatt silently consents. Don’t worry, we already know. We’re digging it. We know you have to keep things going and create creative tension and storylines and waiting makes things better… but c’mon. That kiss would have been awesome.

All in all – this episode was great. It established interesting plot points – I’m really into the sleepers throughout history (I mean, why wouldn’t they do that?) and the concept of bringing the past so far in the future is going to be fun to play with. I also love plots where enemies become our friends – and Flynn did tell us we’d have him and Lucy working together in the future. Except… I’m a little blurry on whether or not this is that same Lucy? Time travel messes with my head – okay?

If you want more of recap, Vulture has a good one. I mostly just want to say that I’m so happy Timeless is back. The acting, the stories, they’re all so riveting. Plus, Wyatt/Lucy keep this show going – together, and apart. We have two really strong characters that have seen heartbreak and are fighting to get their family members back, that form a bond that can’t be touched by time. It’s romantic but it’s also very human. I love that stuff! I also think Timeless really succeeds in their mini-stories. Some series’ use the historical backdrop as just a plot device, but you can tell that Kripke and his crew are having fun with it – with exploring the meaning of time.

I can’t wait until next week!

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