The Waiting Game

I know quite a few of you, at least on my Facebook, are interested in the “incident” that happened last week in a certain Political Science course. Since then, the school has issued an investigation and are going to eventually tell us exactly what’s going to be done about it. They set up a meeting with us (the class) and couldn’t have said less if they tried. All we were told is that there’s an investigation, we can’t discuss details, and you’ll know (hopefully) by next Tuesday. I guess I expected it to be like this. I didn’t expect any “we’re sorry if any of you felt alienated by this incident”. However, what we did get feels kind of like a dismissive brush aside. I understand that they have to investigate whether or not the allegations are true. I just don’t think it’s reasonable that an entire class is suddenly going to stand up and say they witnessed something of this magnitude and be lying. As this is a second year course I’m sure nobody has a prior grudge with him and the class seemed pretty level headed. If STU brushes this aside like it’s nothing afterwards I think it will feel like a violation. What are we paying all our tuition for? To be treated poorly by so called academics? I’m giving STU the benefit of the doubt for now. After they follow the proper procedure I hope they do what’s right. I’m not so sure what exactly that is yet but hopefully the school will come up with something. If not, we’ll see.

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