The Cafeteria: Food For Thought

We’re not exactly sure what’s going to happen with the George Martin Hall cafeteria next year. First, I’d like to say that this year my experience with it has been below par. The choices aren’t that great, the food is rarely healthy, and it’s not always the best tasting. The operative word here is- choice. Sure it wasn’t always the best but we had a choice. If the changes next year are what they’re rumoured to be that means we’ll feel like second-class citizens. If school hasn’t felt like a prison before (especially for people living in shoe-box dorm rooms) the “two-choice” tray style will surely be the last nail in the coffin.


Dietary Needs

A lot of students have concerns about their diet. I’m allergic to shellfish and I know I wouldn’t feel comfortable eating anything from the cafeteria on a day that even one meal has been prepared with shellfish. I understand that the workers are trained professionals and that my food “probably won’t” get contaminated. Still – sometimes things happen. I’m sure I’m not the only person who has fear when it comes to food. Also, if there’s only going to be one or two options – does that mean one vegetarian option and one regular option? This is even more limited.


The Workers

What happens in this new Cafeteria land? Will there be less staff? If so are they just going to let the hardworking employees go? How is that fair? The workers at GMH are why I liked going there. They were sweet, kind, and lovely people to talk to. The idea of even one of them losing their job doesn’t sit well with me.

Who makes these decisions? As a paying student who chose to invest a lot of my money into St. Thomas I feel isolated. Why haven’t the students been given a choice in the matter? After all – if there were no students – there’d be no school. I understand that the administration has hard choices to make: times are tough, enrollment is down. What I don’t understand is why the administration would mess with an already sore spot on campus and make it worse. We have been complaining about a lack of choices for a while now. So your solution? Give us less. When I go to a restaurant I do not get pushed into the corner and told that if I don’t “purchase a meal plan” I can’t sit here. I can go in, purchase¬†myself a coffee, and relax. Also, that same restaurant isn’t going to tell me that I have two choices and if I don’t like it that’s too bad.




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