The American Dream

Music means a lot more to people than simply splicing beats with vocals. It’s the sensations that course through our lives, and it’s a gateway to our emotions. Sometimes, without meaning to, I am found deep in reflection and introspection when it comes to music. Trooper is one of those bands that hits me hard. Next to the Eagles, that is. Yeah, you can go on about other great bands… other bands that have done great things… but that won’t change the impact this music has had on my life.

“Well I didn’t sleep at all that night So I missed the american dream”

I’m not going to go on about politics… though, I could. For Canadians like me, exposed to the media — to American culture — sometimes we feel a little ‘off’. Up in our cold, dark, grey land, we can feel something that’s missing. There’s no Hollywood in Canada, and Vancouver (though milder than Winnipeg) is not the palms of ‘The Hills’. This song has an important meaning to me. Canadians can sometimes feel as though we’re in isolation, as though the world is filled with grandeur in our south-most nation. They certainly make no bones about Canada being an “outlandish” place on their TV shows.

I don’t have a problem with the United States. They’re their own country and they have a lot of great qualities, but even when it comes to research and disorder, I feel bound by their decisions. In this capitalistic world I find it hard to fit in and to find a solid Canadian identity. After all, what culture does Canada have?

“I flew into New York city Another face in the crowd
They took me in a limousine
To an office up above the clouds They said 1 and 1 is three Nothin’s as it seems”

Chances are if you’re Canadian you’re not from a big city. Most of us live in rural areas. Even if you are from a city, a lot of them are friendly. You know a lot of people. I feel crushed by the weight of the global scheme – like, there’s something out there, but I

don’t quite know hot to belong to it. When you come from a rural area in Canada (one that’s hardly heard of), it’s hard to feel like you belong. Then, your music, your TV… it’s all talking about this “American Dream”.

I don’t think I have a point. I that’s the entire reason for this post… the world… it’s so much more complex than Hollywood or the music industry would have you believe. I don’t want to be sucked into any “culture” or “hype” and I leave you with this…

“Everyone was dreamin Everyone but me
But I’m sorry
But I don’t believe”

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