Social Media

social media optimization fredericton new brunswick canada

Your business is your everythingso why aren’t you engaging with customers and their closest acquaintances? In this day and age your social media page says a lot about you. With Google +, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and many more… how does one know where to focus? The answer is that you ask a designer, or a marketer to help. I have great experience with social media and this department. Now, a huge part of it is understanding your customers, but first, they need to find you!

Whether as part of a web design package, or on its own, I can help you enrich your social mediasocial media optimization fredericton canada presence (even if you have none). With tools such as Google+ Local and integrated sharing, you’ll be well on your way to finding the customers you know and love (or who don’t know they love you yet!).

If you would like this as part as a full website design please contact in order to negotiate costs.

Social media links – free. All social media packages include a banner and logo at no additional cost. If you need help inserting them on a pre-existing website, please feel free to ask.


Set up a Youtube Channel – $20


Set up a Facebook Page – $20


Set up a Google+ Page – $20


Set up a Google+ Local – $30


(Google + Local is a business page to help be found on google maps,
very important if you are dealing with a local clientele,
however, not important if your company is national or
web based only)

Set up a Pinterest – $20


Set up a Tumblr – $20


Google +, Youtube and Facebook package – $50


All of the above are included for $100.00