Seeking Beta Readers for New Adult/Crime novel about Street Racing/Mafia

Hi, I am looking for beta readers for a new adult/crime novel. It hasn’t been polished, but it has been edited well enough to have comments on characters/structure/plot without further changes. I have a disorder like dyslexia, so persons that write in sentences without text speech are much preferred, and no double spacing after periods (I know this sounds crazy, the disorder sucks).

The novel is New Adult crime, and follows street racers and some mafia involvement. The violence is minimum, and there is no harm to animals. The plot follows Amanda who was a cheerleader and wants to become a streetracer – but comes face to face with her ex boyfriend. Jordie, who is caught up in an impossible rat race with the mafia, and Axel, an FBI agent that is gunning for two crime bosses known for using street racers as wheelmen.

The current draft sits at 58,000 words.

If interested, please contact!




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