Pushing Too Far

She pushed him towards the wall, using what little strength she had in comparison to move his body a few inches, all the while knowing that he would be able to hurt her, should he snap.
“You wouldn’t hurt me.” She coaxed, as though testing both his love for her, and his temper, her motivation merely to continue fighting.
“Don’t test me.” His response was fast, and composed. As was his body. He stood against the same wall that he had been thrown against moments before, without a trace of tension in the lines of his face.
“Why? What will you do about it?” His calm demeanour fuelling her anger, she moved closer, smacking him with a mediocre amount of force. The action alone was enough to cause his eyes to narrow, and his face to twist into one of minor fury.
Suddenly she felt his arms closing in on her hips, proving control. There was little to no time to move, as he had made the step towards her before she could even think. It was clear that she was smaller, and useless compared to his height and strength. At a loss of words, and even breath, she looked into his eyes. Suddenly her game had been ruined, and fear had settled in her brain.
However now, as his eyes looked down on her, his grip grew tighter. Fear began to heighten. She felt that if she were to make one wrong move, her bone would shatter from the pressure. Even with the love she felt for him, it was clear that she had over-stepped.
“I’m sorry.” She said slowly and cautiously, hoping he would take pity on her, and that he would stop.
“You’re damn right you are.” He said as he loosened his grip and pulled her body to intertwine with his. Wrapping his arms around her, he knew that he had overreacted, and could no longer hurt her. It was clear that they were meant for each other, regardless.
Relieved she smiled at him, and moved in to steal a kiss. “I love you.”
“I love you too, babe.” He answered, comforted that nothing had changed.

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