Full of Sound and Fury: Suffering With Misophonia and Auditory Over-Responsivity

When I started writing Full of Sound and Fury: Suffering With Misophonia and Auditory Over-Responsivity, it was a journey for myself. I do not say this lightly. When I say it was for me, I also mean those people like me. The people that were searching for answers in a… Continue reading »

UnREAL Is Shallow and Materialistic, That’s Why It’s So Powerful

UnREAL Shallow

UnREAL sets itself up and poises itself as a melodramatic series. We watch characters, strong-women with issues as they go head to head with the misogynistic and ridiculous “reality” of Bachelor-style TV. UnREAL places racism — muslims, blacks, southern belle’s and forces them together. All for the sake of drama…. Continue reading »

The New Frontier: The Legality of Data-Sharing, Piracy, and the Threat of Cyber-Warfare

The world we now live in is a world of data. Information is now a resource that is widely traded, sold, and according to some, exploited. Mixed views on data-sharing and data-mining have led to a world where the NSA can freely spy and look for information wherever they choose,… Continue reading »

Should There Be an International Form of Government?

The global form of government is anarchic and hectic by its very nature. Procedure and rules have been applied by arbitrary forces. The views of the strongest nations have impacted foreign policies, and remain the largest factor in determining the shaping of global order. Since, “the United Nations is primarily… Continue reading »

Democracy and its Impact on the Internet

While the use of Internet for strengthened Democracy has a long way to go, its benefits may far outweigh the negatives. Democracy is further progressed by a society that has access to information and is able to freely discuss politics and what decisions made by the government means for them…. Continue reading »