“Liberal” Problems

“Liberal” Problems

 1. open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.

When I decided to be a “Liberal”, if somebody can decide that, I wasn’t in it for the man-trashing, anti-straight, and anti-traditional extremist leftism. I was little more than a child with idealistic views. I wanted what any person who considers themselves modern and compassionate wants- a better world. What I’ve found lately is an insult to that notion.

Back two years ago, when I first discovered politics, I was enamoured by the Liberal-view. I didn’t understand how any sane person could be a Conservative. All I saw was what Harper represents. I saw Greed, disgusting greed. Flash forward — I see the picture in a murkier light. Perhaps some conservative people are greed mongers with no regard for others, but some, just want to maintain their traditional values without being shamed for it. Why? Because that’s their prerogative and I have no business changing it.

Liberals are supposed to be “open to new behaviour”, but does that mean they should disregard all of the old?
It’s certainly new behaviour to go against the grain and treat men like they’re absolute shit. The past treated women this way, so why not reverse it? It’s this notion that has me running in the opposite direction of Feminism. I can’t tolerate people who can’t tolerate half of the human race. Why? Because that’s not what I was here to do. Am I a feminists because I want Equality? I don’t think so. Egalitarian, maybe. Before I get the same rant of “Feminism doesn’t mean that” here’s a link to my feelings on the matter. Not going to change them. At least, not yet. Give me a convincing argument. A real one. Also, you’re not allowed to bully me or use definitions if you want to actually convince me. Ok?

I’m not going to touch on the people who strain against anything that is “the old norm”. What happens to white people if they so much as complain or say they’re not racist? Screaming. If you are white, you are privileged and not entitled to an opinion. If you are a woman, you are oppressed.

What if I’m a white person, and a woman, who believes that I’m not privileged and that I have had to go through obstacles to get the help I need or to succeed (hello anxiety, depression, and lack of money). Yes, there’s issues that other races need help with (thus my thought on being an Egalitarian, and believing in equality).

I don’t know the answer to the problem. I guess it’s something like John Locke’s idealistic view: “All mankind… being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty or possessions”.

By the way,that means that you shouldn’t harm a person (physically or mentally) just because they’re not “progressive” or “liberal”. You can’t fight against oppression by being oppressive.

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