It is never too late to be what you might have been.

I have two tattoos. I haven’t “officially” posted pictures of them on Facebook to flaunt them but that doesn’t mean I love them any less. I’ve noticed, since I made the decision to get inked, that I’ve found myself defending them more than I would like to. Anybody who knows me knows that I hate having to defend myself. I’m strong-willed and VERY stubborn. However, when it comes to tattoos I find myself listing off the same things to every person who gapes at them.

“They’re only small ones.”
“They mean a lot to me insert story about meaning.”
“I’m going to get more, but only small ones.”
“They’re all in places I can hide them.”

Regardless of the above list (which does happen to be true for me) I don’t think a person needs to go this far explaining themselves. A tattoo is a very personal endeavor and I find myself planning my next three or four, albeit small, tattoos. The question I come up with is, who cares if I get a World of Warcraft tattoo? And if the person does care? Is that a person I really want in my life? I understand the biggest argument- aside from the ridiculous one about getting old, is that employers may not like it. Here’s my thing. I don’t want to work for an arrogant person who believes that a tattoo determines the worth of an employee. Tattoos are a freedom of expression, and like any religious symbol, show a persons life on their skin. I’m not going to fire, or not hire a person because they have scars on their body.

My current tattoos are the word fight and a cross on my leg. I’m not the most “religious” type but the cross is symbolic to me in many ways. The word “fight” on my wrist is to remind me of my struggle with depression and anxiety and to pleasantly tell me to go on. It’s the first thing I see when I look at my arm. It’s inspiration.

A tattoo shouldn’t be judged anymore than a person should be judged for choosing to wear skirts instead of pants, and NO I would not choose a good salary over an employer who respects and believes in freedom of expression, creativity, and not judging an employee on appearance. Would you? Really? I guess if times are tough and you need the money – go for it. We can’t all stick to a “moral high ground”, I promise I don’t judge you. Except, maybe you could at least do me the courtesy of the same. We’re all living different paths. Best of luck on yours, ink or not.

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