In a world where nothing is sacred, everything becomes sacred.

You’re not supposed to talk about politics and religion, and since I’ve already talked a lot about politics, I think I’m inclined to ignore that rule. I have a lot of thoughts on religion. None of them, I can assure you, involve fighting with another person about specifics. I don’t care about where Jesus lived, if it’s wrong to eat meat on Fridays, or if all those who consume beef are going to hell – it’s not about that for me. Not at all. 

I don’t understand what all of the fighting is about. To me, it has nothing to do with the Bible (which is a book I respect, regardless of my own beliefs). I think religion, whatever that means to you, should be mostly concerned in your own spirituality. It doesn’t matter if your neighbor goes to church, or if the woman at the grocery store is sporting a pagan symbol. Is your mailman Islam? It doesn’t matter.

Shouldn’t it matter more that you’re a kind, compassionate person who is living their live to the fullest? Religion isn’t about who does what, or why. It’s about connecting to the spiritual world that YOU believe in. Each person has their own spiritual journey. You can live your life and not be affected by that of others. How? Have faith in the strength of your own belief. Have faith that being kind, and loving others, will bring you a reality that is much greater.

The only thing we can all be sure of is that fighting about religion makes like harder for every one.



One thought on “In a world where nothing is sacred, everything becomes sacred.

  1. You make some good points and ask some good questions here. And, the other choice is of course not believing in any religion or spirituality. I don’t think we have to fight about that either! Thanks.

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