Why I’m Supporting Leslyn Lewis For CPC Leader

Why I’m Supporting Leslyn Lewis For CPC Leader

Many might be convinced that this is a two-way race between Erin O’Toole and Peter MacKay for the leadership of the Canadian Conservative Party. I personally would be okay with Erin O’Toole, but he is not my first choice—that position goes to Leslyn Lewis. There’s still a chance for your vote to matter. Elections aren’t decided by dollars, and they aren’t decided by opinion polls.

First I want to tell you all of the factors that are not making me vote for Leslyn.

  • Her race.
  • The color of her skin.
  • The fact she’s an immigrant
  • The fact she’s a woman (this is no #I’mWithHer situation)

I’m voting for Leslyn because her platform is powerful. Even on points that we disagree—I am pro-choice, she is prolife, Leslyn manages to have a well-formulated plan that’s respectful to Canadian law, and respectful to those who disagree with her. The left in Canada has increasingly decided to attack anybody who disagrees. I voted for Justin Trudeau in 2015, and I must say, I regret it!

I want to live in a Canada where Canadians come first. Where immigration is not the main focus—we have so many people struggling in Canada that we need to take care of. I would love to help the whole world, but there’s so much to do at home.

I first decided I wanted to follow Leslyn’s campaign after she was interviewed by Rebel News. Leslyn is well-spoken, eloquent, and clearly educated. As somebody nearing the end of a Political Science degree she is refreshing— a politician who respects the law!

I think Leslyn’s platform speaks more volumes than my endorsement ever could.

  • Family, fundamental freedoms, compassion for vulnerable, and fiscal responsibility as the 4 tenets of governance.
  • Fair, and democratic nomination of CPC members.
  • Grassroots policies from CPC members.
  • An end to political correctness, with the ability to discuss tough issues: “If we can’t even discuss the issues that make us uncomfortable, we’ll never be able to solve them.”
  • Focusing on keeping guns from criminals not law-abiding citizens.
  • Development of resources that balances economy and environment.
  • Moving to reliance on our own oil, instead of imported oil.
  • Support for the energy sector and repealing Bills C-69 and C-48.
  • Ban sex-based abortion, provide more support for expectant mothers, end funding for international abortions and “seek measures to protect women from coerced abortions”.
  • No party-whips, support free-votes on issues of conscience.
  • Remove carbon tax that, “disproportionately impacts the poor, our farmers, and small businesses is the way to do that”.
  • Stand with Israel and move embassy to Jerusalem.
  • Strengthen Canadian borders and stop Canadians participation in The UN Global Compact on Migration, and all other UN initiatives that go against Canadian interests.
  • A focus on indigenous rights that is not a blanket country wide approach. Provide clear drinking water, allow indigenous to pair with energy projects and focus on meaningful results, not talking points.
  • Change Canada’s foreign aid policies to rely on countries that need it, fix indigenous communities first.
  • Modern equipment for Canada’s military.
  • Repeal laws that impede on freedom such as Bill C-8 and Bill C-16 and protect free speech.
  • A tough comprehensive plan for human trafficking: Re-establish the national action plan to combat human trafficking, legislative adoption of Palermo Protocol, strengthen criminal penalties against human traffickers, create a public awareness campaign, and commit to keeping in place the Nordic Model.

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