I Forget What Grass Smells Like

  Some time ago, maybe five or six months, there was a soft breeze in the air. I could smell a sweet scent whenever a lawn mower blazed across the yard. What was that? My memory is hazy and white from the substance piled up outside my window. I try to remember shades of colour. What were they? Gre-? I can’t pronounce them. What colour is grass again? What are those things that grow from the ground and have leaves? All I seem to see are pale brown sticks. I think once, when I was much younger, I used to be able to go outside wearing only shorts and a tank top. I can’t imagine anybody doing this now. Have you looked outside? It’s too cold in this arctic state for any of that.

In all seriousness… I can’t wait for spring. I’m sick of winter. I want to lay on the beach, and I want to be able to wear sandals. Canadian winter is all starting to feel like one big blur. It’s cold, it’s boring, and the whole “school” thing hasn’t really helped. 

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