I Don’t Know What To Do

When I first came to university I didn’t remember why I had been so distracted and annoyed in high school. Homework isn’t hard, the reading is fine. What I can’t deal with is the burden that my anxiety can be in a classroom environment. Half of the time I have a scowl on my face in class and probably come off as a bit of a condescending witch. Whenever people whistle, click their pen, or shake their legs, it’s extremely distracting for me and for a reason I cannot explain it sends me into a horrible state. Leg twitching in my peripheral vision has literally brought me to tears. I’m so frustrated that I can’t just “get over it”. I understand restless leg syndrome is a real thing but so is the anxiety that I suffer every time I enter a classroom. I understand that it would be rude to approach somebody and ask them to please stop torturing me. Instead I often stew and try not to get upset but instead I usually just end up irrationally angry. Often times I can actually feel the vibrations on the floor from people shaking behind me (even if they’re far away). A couple if weeks ago I started hyperventilating when somebody was whistling. Why? The sharp noise was so unbearable to me. I honestly don’t know what I’m supposed to do about this. Breathing exercises, telling myself it’s out of my control and “thinking positive” are hopeless. I don’t want to constantly glare at my friends like they’re the worst thing in the world just because they’re shaking their feet. I’m actually sorry it bugs me this much but I can’t stop. Sometimes I find myself sitting in my room anxious about going to class just because of the shaking of legs. I just feel alone in this and like I sound ridiculous. Aside from hiding in my room wearing ear plugs and only ever communicating via skype I’m not sure of a fix to this. Any ideas?

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