Feminism? No Thank You.

Recently a Facebook and Tumblr page I have been supporting for months has come under fire. It shows one clear message: Feminists are angry with us. 

Some feminists have taken to sharing photos shown on the site and bashing the women in them, and their messages. They have insulted the intelligence of the women who support this group, and they have bullied and belittled them. They are doing this in the name of “women’s rights“. 

One woman was tracked down, online, by a feminist and attacked because her child, who is two, is autistic. These are the women “fighting” for all women. These are the people who think they should be the voice for us all.

I have not once attacked Feminists based on the ideals, and basic message of Feminism. I too, like many women, believe we deserve equality. We also deserve respect, and the right to make up our own minds. Today’s feminism is not needed as much as a wide-spread ideal to protect all people. Men are people too. 

I don’t want to fight with feminists over the definition. I don’t want to fight with them because “feminism believes in equality”. I want equality because I am human. I want other humans, of all backgrounds, to feel safe and respected. 

I don’t need feminism because I am not defined by gender, I am defined by heart and spirit.



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