Evil in its truest form: Mathematics.

From a young age Western school-systems start pumping children with the idea that in order to be truly smart, you have to be well-rounded and know it all. If you weren’t good across the board – Science, Social Studies, Math, and English – then you weren’t good enough. There is no idea that you can be really good at Science and not do very well in English and have that be okay. Of course we should all know basic skills but I have a confession to make: I suck at math.

I have no idea how algebra works. A lot of people have tried to explain it to me. However in my world x- is another letter of the alphabet. What’s the square root of pi? I have no idea but I like apple and cherry. 

I can’t add in my head. I can’t subtract in my head. Multiply and divide? I have a calculator and it helps me just fine.
What will I do if I get lost in the middle of the woods and have no technology? Probably worry about food and not whether or not I can do long division. 

I’m sick of apologizing because I’m not good at math. So what? Numbers are not my thing. My brain is programmed artistically, and I’m good at thinking. I’ll never be a world-class biochemist but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid. Just as not speaking English well does not make a person any less. Why? We’re all individuals. 

To hell with math. 

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