All of the CPC Leadership Race Candidates and their Positions

All of the CPC Leadership Race Candidates and their Positions

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The Conservative Party of Canada CPC Leadership race is happening during COVID-19, an unfortunate time to try and hold town-halls and engage with party members – or those who would be interested in the party under new leadership. Often-times, politics is boiled down to a game between parties, instead of an analysis of potential leadership. We must remember that the CPC is more than just their current platforms, as political parties adapt, and change based on their current membership and the reflection of the party leader.

For the CPC to go forward, it is imperative that current members, or would-be members, are up to date and educated on the platforms of the candidates. If we, as Canadians want a fair and open election for the next Federal race, it’s important to support all three parties, and the views of Canadians from all ends of the Canadian spectrum. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, one party will struggle getting their potential candidates to the public.

The following information is obtained from the candidates and their official website. Those interested in voting for the CPC leadership can find more information at


Candidates are listed in alphabetical order.


Derek Sloan

  • Guiding principle is, “to do everything in his power to keep Canada a shining beacon of freedom and liberty as it was intended to be”.
  • Repeal Bill C-16 and protect free speech in Canada, women’s sex-based rights, and parental rights.
  • Stop cancel-culture in Canada and the CPC.
  • Pro-life and will encourage the opening of abortion debates.
  • Extend the official review of “Medical assistance in dying” (MAID).
  • “Scrap” funding for abortions abroad.
  • No doctor should have to perform MAID or abortions.
  • Raise age of marijuana use to 25 country wide.
  • Meet NATO commitment of defense funding of 2% of our GDP within 5 years.
  • Restore some of Bill C-24, to help repeal citizenship of those who got it under false pretenses and take citizenship from those convicted of terrorist practices.
  • Reduce immigration from 350,000 per year to 150,000 per year, make it easier to deny false refugees, and fast-track those who are refugees for religious prosecution.
  • Repeal the carbon tax.
  • Stop the practice of signing UN treaties that go against the values of Canada such as United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), take Canada out of the Paris Accord, and rescind Canadian signage of the Migration Compact.
  • Repeal C-69 and C-48, provide government support for pipeline projects.
  • Remove non-violent, non-victim related firearm offences from the Criminal Code. Firearm ownership is a civil right and “supports the repeal of firearms legislation that has not provided any evidence of benefit to public safety, including former bills C-71 (2019), C-42 (2015), C-68 (1995), C-17 (1991), and C-51 (1977)”.

Erin O’Toole

  • Utilize the private sector to help with shortages of ventilators and protective equipment for the Coronavirus response. Ensure there is no price gouging.
  • Stand behind energy sector and support pipeline project and Canadian oil.
  • Uphold the law in situations like the most-recent blockades, not allowing illegal blockades to shut down the country.
  • Support jobs across the country and support resource and manufacturing sectors.
  • CPC party reform and transparent membership elections.
  • Defund the CBC with CBC Digital completely defunded, and cut CBC English TV and News by 50%, but maintain funding for CBC Radio and Radio-Canada.
  • Repeal the Carbon Tax.
  • Defend conscience-based rights, such as the right for a doctor to deny services such as Medical Assistance in Dying.
  • Firearm policies that focus on criminals, not law-abiding citizens.
  • Implementation of a CANZUK deal for free trade, and movement to work and study, as well as defense and intelligence, between Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.

Leslyn Lewis

  • Family, fundamental freedoms, compassion for vulnerable, and fiscal responsibility as the 4 tenets of governance.
  • Fair, and democratic nomination of CPC members.
  • Grassroots policies from CPC members.
  • An end to political correctness, with the ability to discuss tough issues: “If we can’t even discuss the issues that make us uncomfortable, we’ll never be able to solve them.”
  • Focusing on keeping guns from criminals not law-abiding citizens.
  • Development of resources that balances economy and environment.
  • Moving to reliance on our own oil, instead of imported oil.
  • Support for the energy sector and repealing Bills C-69 and C-48.
  • Ban sex-based abortion, provide more support for expectant mothers, end funding for international abortions and “seek measures to protect women from coerced abortions”.
  • No party-whips, support free-votes on issues of conscience.
  • Remove carbon tax that, “disproportionately impacts the poor, our farmers, and small businesses is the way to do that”.
  • Stand with Israel and move embassy to Jerusalem.
  • Strengthen Canadian borders and stop Canadians participation in The UN Global Compact on Migration, and all other UN initiatives that go against Canadian interests.
  • A focus on indigenous rights that is not a blanket country wide approach. Provide clear drinking water, allow indigenous to pair with energy projects and focus on meaningful results, not talking points.
  • Change Canada’s foreign aid policies to rely on countries that need it, fix indigenous communities first.
  • Modern equipment for Canada’s military.
  • Repeal laws that impede on freedom such as Bill C-8 and Bill C-16 and protect free speech.
  • A tough comprehensive plan for human trafficking: Re-establish the national action plan to combat human trafficking, legislative adoption of Palermo Protocol, strengthen criminal penalties against human traffickers, create a public awareness campaign, and commit to keeping in place the Nordic Model.

Peter MacKay

  • End the carbon tax which “gives polluters a license to pollute”.
  • Develop Canadian resources by “developing the cleanest, most environmentally and ethically sustainable energy sources in the world”.
  • Respect local volunteers and organizations by stopping the CPC taking 50% of local riding association’s electoral returns. Ensure every EDA gets full return.
  • Respect the right for medical practitioners to deny medical assistance in dying.
  • Peter MacKay will march in Toronto’s pride parade and is against using sexual identity and gender identity for oppression.
  • Ban China and Huawei from having any part of building 5G networks in Canada.
  • Repeal Bill C-69 & C-48.
  • Will meet the NATO spending goals of 2% GDP.
  • Remove the limit for RRSP withdrawals for first-time home buyers, who will not have to pay this back.


The CPC leadership race was initially postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis. The deadline for memberships is currently May 15th and, “The process will proceed with mail ballots, as required by the Party Constitution, and all ballots will need to be completed and received by August 21”.


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