Sylvanas As Warchief, Finally

sylvanas windrunner, world of warcraft warchief,

I know a lot of players were sitting back saying, ‘huh?’ at the reveal of Sylvanas as Warchief. I get that. Sylvanas has had a bad rap in the past few expansions. Many assumed that her storyline, especially with Garrosh, was going to be taking a nose-dive off a cliff. Luckily,… Continue reading »

CRZ has ruined RPPVP Zones For Good

world of warcraft CRZ ruining RPPVP

Once upon a time, many expansions ago… Lightninghoof, Maelstrom, and TheVentureCo were pleasant servers to play on. Albeit, low-population, we had unique communities that focused on team-building, forming allegiances, and the occasional engagement in PVP. Though there was “ganking” a large amount of it was level-scaled and lower-levels were often… Continue reading »

I Game To Feel Better

These days there’s different perspectives on gaming. The first, something bored housewives and silly kids do. It’s nothing serious. Think Candy Crush. The second, something fun, engaging and community based. Think Geek Culture. My love of gaming evolved from childhood to teendom. Through my teens I was anxious and depressed…. Continue reading »