Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact.

This blog is basically just a post about where I am right now in my life. What I’m doing, how it’s going, and you know, how I’m feeling. If you don’t care – I suggest you don’t read it. If you do, well, lovely. I’m smiling – I promise. Anyways, snide commends aside things are going pretty well lately. I have a job at the Cleveland Heritage Church and Riverdale C@Psite and against my better judgment I absolutely love it. I’m pretty much alone all day doing whatever needs to be done. Other than that, It’s summer and the pool and canoe are ready for another season. As soon as I finally go fishing, my life will be absolutely complete. On the September side of things (which feels like forever away, as I anticipate it, and try to enjoy summer) – my apartment lease starts September 1st. I will officially be a real grown up adult with bills and responsibility. I’ll have a place to call my own. As for my “love life” if there is one, I’m not telling you. Go watch TMZ or something. But for everybody who has read all my complaining statuses the last few months – I’m happy. Like, real happy, not that type you just get after binge eating McDonald’s that just ends in wanting to throw up and feeling like your abdomen is going to lift off into orbit.


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