5 Things I’ll Never Stop Doing

If you’re a passionate person: your parents, grandparents, friends, and various other people tend to get on your back. Why do you care about this? Why do you have to press the issue? Why don’t you just let it go so that you can be happy? I don’t want to be insulting but where I’m from a lot of people I know seem to be in this coma where they believe that ignorance truly is bliss. I’ve never been comfortable with that. I guess that’s why I’m such an advocate of John Stuart Mill’s idea that the higher pleasures, the ones worth it, involve some degree of struggle. So here’s five things that regardless of what anybody says my stubborn nature isn’t going to let up.

  1. Having My Political Views: I’ve had similar views since I was 16. I’m almost 20 now so they’ve changed a little, but for the most part I’ve remained dedicated to a position. I believe in being open to discussion and change, but I won’t go against my values just because it’s in to be an NDP right now.
  2. Being Stubborn: Who cares if I won’t change my mind? I mean – it’s my mind to keep as a rock solid persona. If nothing else, at least I’m consistent. Of course I’ll change my thoughts sometimes but I reserve the right to be a little too set on one thing or another, after all it’s that stubbornness that allowed me to complete not one, but two novels before 20. As well as defeat two mental illnesses. What you call fault, I call strength.
  3. Being ‘Unreasonable’: Sometimes you really should build a pillow fort in your living room while watching reruns of Jersey Shore and then crying because Sam & Ronnie broke up again (never actually cried over that). My point is – being ridiculous, spontaneous, and outright illogical can be a great time. Especially if you’re a serious person, it feels great to unwind.
  4. Fighting For What I Believe In: A life without a purpose is about as stimulating as a piece of sandpaper. Also, it’s abrasive and painful in its bitter truth. Sure it’s easier to have another TV marathon and text your best friend about who you’re going to try and date next but actually standing for a cause is fulfilling. You can actually change your world – and maybe somebody else’s.
  5. Being Stupid: Sometimes we say the stupidest stuff. It’s usually when we’re in line somewhere with our friends, or in public (again, with our friends). It’s liberating to sit back, and just not have to be ‘intelligent’ all of the time. Sometimes life is about being silly, outright moronic, and you know, enjoying it. Sure, we do need to be serious to get a lot of what we need to done, but we can have smaller pleasures sometimes.

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