My laptop isn’t evil, but your objection is.

At 20 I believe it is my job, and my job alone, to budget my concentration and pay attention in class. So why do professors think they should ban laptops? I understand that you want my undivided attention, but let’s be realistic here. Education is a business. No students, no money. 

I get really angry when a professor tells me to put my technology away. It hurts. I feel like I’m being unfairly treated like a child. Whether the professor likes it or not: it’s my education. If I want to go to class and read Facebook statuses the entire time, so be it. Each class is over $500 to take. This is my money. 

Other students may be slightly distracted by my screen, however, this can be remedied by them not looking. I am very distracted by people shaking their feet, tapping their pens, etc. I admit this is my problem, not theirs. The world cannot be made into a perfect environment for everybody. I have ADHD and honestly, multi-tasking helps me focus. If I try to do one thing at once, I feel claustrophobic and I start to think in circles. Open a few tabs and go back and forth? I feel free, and ready to focus. 

This isn’t high school (which, by the way, my high school teachers let me use my laptop in class). We are not children and we should not be treated as such. 

Anyways… I’ll be using my laptop this year in every class that will let me. Will I search Facebook and check my email? Probably. Will I pay attention to the professor? Yes. 

One thought on “My laptop isn’t evil, but your objection is.

  1. Excellent points. I have to use my laptop to take down notes because I have a disability that makes my handwriting basically eligible. So I support the uses of technology in class, to say the least!

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